Materiality Matrix

In 2017, Barilla reviewed its Materiality Matrix, to identify its strategic social and environmental priorities, in accordance with its new business strategy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Through this process, the Group treated as material those issues that have a significant impact on Barilla's economic, social and environmental performance, and that could influence stakeholders' evaluations and decisions in a major way.

The assessment was carried out by the Sustainability Unit, with the support of a specialist company, through a multi-stage process.

The first stage identified all potential material issues for Barilla, by reviewing corporate documents (Code of Ethics and Strategic Plan) and external papers (the resolutions of the Consumer Goods Forum, benchmarking with other industry players, market research on consumers and the demands raised in the yearly stakeholder panel).

Their relevance was then evaluated, in terms of both Barilla internal perspective and external stakeholders’ perspective. This resulted in the materiality matrix below, where the distinctive issues are classified in the top right quadrant. The issues that are considered necessary, though not distinctive, have been placed below.

The matrix was analyzed and approved by the GYGP Board. It highlighted 16 themes, which are reported below:


Selected raw materials

Selecting only the best raw materials, produced following the highest quality standards, in compliance with the principles of sustainable agriculture promoted by Barilla.

Traceability and Transparency

Ensuring product traceability and providing transparent communication to enable consumers to discover the world of Barilla from farm to fork.

Innovation and quality for food safety

Guaranteeing product quality and safety every day, beginning with checks on raw materials, then production and distribution, up to people's table.

Excellent recipes for superior flavors

Creating recipes that are always new and surprising, and are able to bring joy to the table of those who choose Barilla.

Perfect nutritional profile

Developing healthy and nutritionally balanced products, in line with the principles of Mediterranean diet and Italian lifestyle.

Diversity and Inclusion

Developing the value of each person, respecting their physical, cultural and moral integrity, as well as their right to interact and associate with others.

"Modern" food trends

Satisfying people's new nutrition needs through products that can respond to the emerging trends in the food sector.

Sustainable agriculture

Promoting the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices along the Barilla supply chains, respecting people, the environment and the local communities.

Must Have

Human and animal welfare

Safeguarding the welfare of all people who operate in the Group's supply chain, and promoting responsible husbandry practices along the supply chain.

Promoting healthy lifestyles and nutrition education

Promoting the diffusion of sustainable, balanced lifestyles and good nutrition, especially among young people.

Human rights

Respecting the fundamental rights of each person in pursuing their activity and along the entire supply chain.

Recycling and food waste

Limiting resource waste at all levels of the agro-food supply chain by optimizing production and promoting responsible consumption.

Taking care of the local area and communities

Supporting the development and welfare of the local communities, facilitating access to food and food security, also by helping populations affected by natural disasters or economic and social crisis.

Responsible marketing and labeling

Guaranteeing the accuracy of label information in compliance with international and national rules and developing principles for responsible marketing, applying them to every communication from the brand.

People Care

Promoting the development of a work environment that respects the work-life balance.

Sustainable production sites and health and safety

Creating state of the art production sites, with increasingly lower environmental impact, that guarantee the health and safety of those who work there.