Balanced dietary habits and healthy lifestyles are also promoted and disseminated by means of responsible communication, designed to enable consumers to make informed choices and understand the importance of an active lifestyle and balanced diet.

To achieve this, Barilla uses brand initiatives, product packaging and Group websites to provide its customers with comprehensive nutritional information. This takes the form of detailed nutritional labels; tips for a healthy, balanced diet, and product consumption recommendations, with particular reference to the optimum quantities to be taken and guidance on putting together meal menus that provide the right intake of energy and nutrients.

The aim of Barilla's marketing activities, whether through traditional channels, social media, or in the form of promotions and sponsorship, is to build a strong bond of trust with customers, establish a transparent relationship with people, and provide full, truthful communication on a daily basis.

This is why Barilla's promotional activities are centered on people and their needs. With particular reference to advertising aimed at children, furthermore, they are underpinned by a commitment to clear, simple communication, intended to avoid consumption patterns that are excessive, inappropriate or not in line with the principles of a sound and healthy nutrition.

Another integral part of Barilla's responsible communication is the dissemination of its Mission "Good for You, Good for the Planet", through all of the Group's communication channels and product packaging. This is because we know that, to achieve our sustainability goals, we need the continuous involvement of all our stakeholders, starting with consumers. 

47% of products communicate the commitment and results achieved by Barilla through the development of its "Good for You, Good for the Planet" Mission, in prominent positions on the packaging or website

In the course of 2018, Barilla has formalized its Responsible Marketing Principles. The document was drawn up on the basis of continuous collaboration with the international organization UNICEF, with particular reference to the part concerning marketing communications to children. These guidelines are public and can be viewed on the company's website.

Initiatives aimed at listening consumers
Initiatives aimed at listening to consumers

The relationship between Barilla and its product consumers is crucial to the company's development and way of doing business.

By opening new listening channels, especially in new geographical areas, Barilla has managed to get closer to consumers, better understand their needs and respond more appropriately to their expectations.

For example, digital and other platforms were set up at global and local level in 2017, which have helped forge even stronger relations with consumers, by collecting notifications, feedback and suggestions about products and the Group's way of doing business.

Consumers’ satisfaction is a primary goal for Barilla, which is why we conduct occasional surveys on promotional campaigns, product launches and consumption habits.

The Group received over 110,000 contacts at global level in 2017, including notifications, compliments, suggestions and requests for information. In particular, the Group carefully examined 25,600 notifications relating to products and packaging.

2017 -  Notifications relating to products and packaging

2017 notifications relating to products and packaging

2016 -  Notifications relating to products and packaging

2016  notifications relating to products and packaging
Group supply chain
Group supply chain

On the basis of Barilla's long-standing ambition to enable everyone to gain an insight into the hidden world of its sauces, the company set up a digital platform in 2014 called, which enables people to take a virtual tour and get a first-hand view of the Group's supply chains. 

Originally dedicated to ready sauces, Barilla extended the platform in 2017, to include the pasta supply chain, so it now provides information on the quality and origin of the raw materials used, and gives everyone the chance to interact with farming experts and the Group's purchasing managers, to get a clearer idea of the criteria used to select the best grains. Overall, the platform gives visitors the opportunity to find out about every aspect of the most typical of made-in-Italy food products.

The Group developed three sections:

  • "Discover", with numerous videos, image galleries, studies and research projects, which give people an insight into the various factors that have an everyday effect on the pasta supply chain. 
  • "Live", which gives visitors a first-hand view of Barilla's supply chain and production facilities, through direct digital experience or through the eyes and narrative of a Barilla testimonial. In the Live section, you can also book a guided tour of the Group's pasta production facilities in Italy.
  • "Ask", this section provides a direct channel of contact through which consumers can ask for information about the supply chains, production processes and raw materials used by Barilla.

The launch of the updated Guardatustesso platform was accompanied by a major communication campaign designed to explain the added value of Barilla pasta to consumers, and give them a clear idea of what its quality consists of. The campaign saw the participation of major names from Italian sport and cinema, including the director Gabriele Salvatores, the actor Pierfrancesco Favino and the paralympic champion Bebe Vio.

To communicate its Good for You, Good for the Planet Mission in a fun, ground-breaking way, Barilla launched a project called Plantable Paper in Turkey, to coincide with children's day and mothers' day.

On these two occasions, Barilla Turkey stocked the small packet of over 80 supermarkets with 10,000 recycled cardboard packs of pasta, each containing a sachet of tomato and basil seeds. Each pack invited young pasta fans to plant the seeds, following the precise instructions given, and thus get the pleasure of growing their own tomato or basil plant.

The aim of Barilla's Plantable Paper project was to promote the principles that underpin the Good for You, Good for the Planet Mission, and direct attention towards respect for the land, through a small act of growing vegetables and reducing food waste.

"A dream called Cacao"
"A dream called Cacao"

Pan di Stelle A Dream Called Cocoa project came to fruition in 2017. Pan di Stelle is Barilla's best-qualified brand to focus on sustainable sourcing of cocoa, because cocoa is its key ingredient. The challenge lay in finding the best way of including the commitment Good for You, Good for the Planet in the company's communication platforms, in order to strengthen its bond with consumers.

The brand's ambition has always been to nourish people's capacity to dream. That is why the Dream Called Cocoa project was launched to emphasize that a dream cocoa also originates from giving farmers and their families something to dream of. Barilla deployed this project to support the organization Cocoa Horizon in its efforts to improve the livelihood of cocoa farmers and their communities. The communication campaign began in 2017 with the new section, the respective social media plan and the first packs on the shelves.