Sustainable management of packaging materials

Packaging plays an essential role in the food business, because it protects the product, preserves it over time and enables it to be consumed in a place other than its place of production.

To promote the environmental sustainability of its product packaging, Barilla Group has published a document entitled Barilla Principles on sustainable packaging, which is available on The requirements established by these principles include the following:

  • a reduction in the amount of packaging materials
  • the use of recyclable packaging
  • the use of materials sourced from responsibly managed forests
  • validation of the choice of technical packaging solutions by means of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Building on the excellent results achieved over the years by following the Principles on sustainable packaging, Barilla Group decided to update this document in 2017, by introducing an additional concept of sustainability and raising the bar even higher. As a result, the goal of zero-waste packaging, which can be achieved through recyclability and reduction at source, has been complemented with a longer-term goal defined as zero-impact packaging, which is achievable through the use of renewable or recycled resources for the production of packaging materials.

Product packages

Barilla has established clear criteria to ensure responsible sourcing of the paper and cardboard used in its product packaging, by using supply chain managed in accordance with FSC or PEFC standards. These standards ensure sustainable forest management practices, geared towards environmental protection, respect for human rights and cultural traditions, and promotion of the economic sustainability of forestry operations.

Raw materials used for packaging 




Flexible film (t.)



Glass (t.)



Paper and cardboard for packaging (t.)



Paper and cardboard for packaging certified to FSC, PEFC and SFI standards (%)



The Group is also committed to ensuring that its packaging is recyclable, preferably by using recyclable materials, where the organoleptic characteristics of the product permit. To facilitate correct, differentiated disposal of packaging by consumers, furthermore, Barilla has included a range of recycling icons, which now appear on its packages.

Post-consumption recovery of packaging





Recyclable packages placed on the market



Packages marked with directions on how to recycle



Packages produced with recycled material



During the year, Barilla Group signed up for two important initiatives designed to promote the recycling of product packaging:

logo sustainable packaging

  • Barilla became a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, which comprises producers, distributors, public bodies and academics, and aims to promote widespread use of more sustainable packaging materials.. 

logo how2recycle

  • The Group also signed up to an American labeling system, known as How2Recycle, which promotes the dissemination of clear, simple communication to consumers in relation to the recycling of product packaging.