The Code of Ethics

Barilla's Code of Ethics is at the root of the Group's Governance structure, since it guides the decisions and actions of the company and all who act on its behalf.

Applicable to all the Group's stakeholders, the Code describes the behavioral norms that support sustainable growth and protect the company's reputation, in compliance with the principles and values that have always characterized Barilla and are shared by the Group worldwide.

The principles of the Code of Ethics are promoted through specific training programs for Barilla People, awareness programs on ethical values and norms, and communication activities.

The Barilla Code of Ethics is part of the Organizational, Management and Control Model adopted by the Barilla Group in compliance with the Legislative Decree 231/2001. This is because Barilla is aware that integrity and ethical values are essential components of any business operation.

The respect of the Code of Ethics and Organizational Model is ensured by the Barilla Group Supervisory Board, which carries out monitoring and supervision activities. The Barilla Supervisory Board is a commission formed by two members from the group and an external member, all appointed to guarantee the Board's autonomy, independence, professionalism and consistent actions.

In order to enable every employee to point out any unusual behavior and presumed or actual breaches of the Code of Ethics or the law, Barilla sets a whistleblowing system at Group level.  Through a dedicated e-mail, Barilla can manage any reported breach in an accurate and rapid way, adopting countermeasures while guaranteeing the whitleblower's anonymity.