Internal training and communication

In 2017, internal training and communication played an important role for the Barilla People.

The training of Barilla People

Training plays a key role in the process of professional growth and development of Barilla personnel. It is an important means of building and consolidating employees' skills, while at the same time disseminating Company values and strategy, so as to promote continuous growth and development of the business.

In order to ensure that its People always receive a high level of training and coaching, Barilla has set up a business unit specifically dedicated to staff development programs.

Barilla has set up a business unit specifically dedicated to staff development programs

The Group also has a number of Barilla Academies, designed to involve employees in activities and initiatives aimed at consolidating individual skills connected with the main professional families, by means of the Functional Academies, or with specific fields that are strategic to Barilla's business, by means of the Pasta Academies.

332 Barilla People took part in initiatives run by the Barilla Academies during the year

2017 was also a year of transparency and clarity for the Barilla Group, in relation to its human resource management processes, thanks to HR Expo, a training and listening exercise, aimed in particular at identifying areas for improvement in relation to the Group's People management practices.

The training initiatives implemented at global level for all staff involved in HR processes formed an integral part of the project. The training activities involved 15,000 people all over the world, partly through specific roadshows held in every country in which the Barilla Group operates. The initiative also involved the launch of a specific digital portal, through which all HR processes were made accessible and transparent to company employees.

The HR Expo initiative was therefore the culmination of years of work aimed at streamlining processes, connecting with business strategy and engaging managers as the key players in the management of their People.

In the course of 2017, Barilla invested approximately 2.6 million euros in staff development, equating to 120,000 hours of training for employees.

Average hours of training by category and gender - 2017  




















Sale force




The data relating to training pertain to 89% of the company population



Note: the "Other" category includes training in environmental management and healthy lifestyle and food habits.


Internal communication

In 2017, Internal Communication again played an important role in ensuring that all Barilla People working in headquarters in and outside Italy, production plants and sales units were kept constantly up to date on business performance, involved in the company's drive for growth, and made to feel proud of their everyday contribution to achieving shared goals.

All Barilla People were involved in Local Town Hall Meetings, which are held in all headquarters in and outside Italy, and Global Town Halls, which are broadcast every four months in digital format. These events are important meetings that see the participation of the company's top management, in person, to share strategy, current results and showcase business initiatives in the various markets.

Work continued in 2017 on the company's social network and digital newspaper, which reaches over 4,200 readers, while strong emphasis was given to the implementation of the internal portal. This repository of documents, policies and procedures available to all Barilla People, was extended with new content and now provides access to new digital tools and apps, which were developed by various functions during the year, to encourage inclusion, share needs and interests with colleagues, and showcase the initiatives and activities undertaken both inside and outside the organization.

The company portal has become an increasingly dynamic tool for facilitating the adoption of Smart Working and giving all Barilla People better access to shared content, from smartphones and tablets alike

The portal's home page received 306,750 visits in 2017, with a total of 445,857 views at Group level. The home page is updated daily with news about products and activities, at both local and global level, and has an interface that is integrated with the press collection. The function of the company portal has changed significantly over the course of the year. Whereas it was once a service area to go to for policies, procedures and primarily documentary material, it is now a place of communication and interaction, where you can find a full range of news and updates on business performance, and take part in internal company events and initiatives.

Both in and outside Italy, the production facilities have been equipped with terminals that plants staff can use to access the portal and keep up to date with the latest news from the world of Barilla. At the new sites, furthermore, monitors and digital totems have helped speed up access to a wide range of content.

In line with the Group's strategy and values, internal communication has covered a range of topics during the year - from diet, nutrition, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, to quality, innovation and digitalization - by means of a series of multichannel campaigns.

The sites that have been renovated in the course of the year, in Dubai, Singapore, Belgium and the Netherlands, have been equipped with areas and systems for facilitating collaboration and sharing, while supporting the communication of corporate values and strategy, thus reinforcing the sense of belonging and group identity that all Barilla People have in common.

Video coverage of three Global Town Halls, plus the Yearly Leadership Team Meeting - an end-of-year event attended by the company's top management at global level - were made available to all users in 2017 in a dedicated section of the portal.

To sum up, transparency, improved access, from both fixed and mobile devices, and sharing of cross-departmental content, represented the key value-generating facets of our internal communication. Throughout the year, this communication strove to highlight the activities and initiatives implemented by Barilla People, which enabled the company to reach important milestones in line with its own distinctive way of doing business.