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“We bring to the world joyful, wholesome and honest food, inspired by the Italian lifestyle and the Mediterranean diet”

Our Group's Mission "Good for You, Good for the Planet" is simple: all our products and brands must bring the world food that is good, healthy and sourced from responsible supply chains, inspired by the Italian lifestyle and the Mediterranean Diet. This is the unique feature of the Barilla Group and what makes its quality.

This commitment finds expression in three benefits for people:

  1. good food means gastronomy, flavor, culinary experience, pleasure and conviviality;
  2. healthy food means selected raw materials, clean, safe recipes, and balanced nutritional profiles to support healthy lifestyles;
  3. food sourced from responsible supply chains means purchasing ingredients and processing them in a way that is sustainable, transparent and respectful of people, animals and the environment.

It is a Mission we intend to pursue to from field to fork and which has an immediate impact on people, in terms of the initial enjoyment of taste, the energy over the following hours and the many years of wellbeing. But as well as being founded on the wellbeing of people, it is founded on the wellbeing of the environment and communities in which we live.

In the years to come, we will continue to reinforce our presence and distinctive nature in our four core markets, namely Italy, the United States, France and Germany. At the same time, we will continue
the geographical expansion we have already started, especially in Russia.

In pursuit of our Mission, we intend to invest in four dimensions:

  1. increasing the value of our brands, in other words, their distinctive nature and the emotional bond they form with people;
  2. providing products of superior quality, also from a nutritional point of view;
  3. enhancing the sustainability and transparency of our supply chains, from field to fork;
  4. incentivizing an entrepreneurial spirit among Barilla People.

What does this mean for the Barilla product categories?

For pasta and sauces, we will focus on improving the entire premium segment and the quality of iconic products. We will put sustained effort into making Wasa a brand that is known worldwide for its sustainability and naturalness. And lastly, we will continue to build on the value of local brands of bakery products in Italy and France, by offering a range that is increasingly geared towards the wellbeing of consumers.

Our marketing activities, moreover, will place even more emphasis on our know-how and the taste and quality of our products, and will help disseminate reliable information about healthy lifestyles.

To sum it all up, we believe there is a perfect convergence between business priorities on the one hand and sustainability on the other, enabling us to achieve economic goals, while making a tangible contribution to meeting the global challenge set by the United Nations, not only concerning food and nutrition.

By developing good, nutritionally balanced products and sustainable supply chains, Barilla can be part of the virtuous path of sustainable development that the international community is wishing for.